Join hands with us in a dynamic partnership to champion healthier lifestyles and spearhead the eradication of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like diabetes and hypertension. Through collaborative initiatives, we aim to promote wellness, drive community education, and enhance accessibility to resources. Together, let's build a foundation for a future where NCDs are eradicated, and our community thrives with healthier, happier lives.

Partnership Objectives

We appreciate your interest in partnering with us.

Forge a transformative alliance with us to reshape the health landscape in our community. Your collaboration is not just support; it's a vital force propelling us towards a future where health thrives, and the impact extends far beyond today.

  • Expand and equip clinic
  • Onboard more members
  • Well-trained health workers
  • Educate community on NCDs
  • Support for community

Key Objectives

The overall objective of DHC is encapsulated in the following statement:

To have diagnosis, treatment and training on management of both diabetes and hypertension done at the facility on all working days.
To have trained, empowered community health workers in our villages
(communities) diagnose, trained on management refer those with these conditions to the nearest well equipped health centre.
To have all westlands sub county health with functional diabetes and hypertension clinic.
To create awareness, information and sharing experiences on diabetes and hypertension understanding and prevention measures.
To support survivors of diabetes through emergency and follow up services in a clincal set up.
To network and collaborate with other partners
To build our community,to understand, promote and apply diabetes information and management principals approach in their lives,families and communities sorrounding them.
To educate them to generate resources to support in nutrition even when living in town, food security and value additions for their survival.